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What is a Concho?

The signature jewel of the LounArrow brand is a jewel that combines the Brazilian bracelet and the concho.

But what is a concho?

The conchos come from the Mexican tradition and have a role that is both decorative and functional on horse saddles.

Conchos are silver metallic discs made with two slots to allow the saddle ropes to pass through and secure the saddle.

Concho belts are a tradition Navajo (North American Indian reserve). The earliest conchos were made from silver dollars that were hammered, then stamped, then split and strung together on a piece of leather. Later in the evolution of concho belts, copper buckles were added to the back of the conchos so that the conchos could be slipped over a leather belt.

Passionate about the western culture of the United States, the creator of LounArrow then married the concho to her Brazilian bracelets to create a unique and original jewelry.