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What is Trapilho?

When I imagined the Aponi necklace pendant, I thought for a long time about the cord I was going to use.

I didn't want to wear leather so that the jewelry would remain vegan (even if it's a solid material that lasts over time). I thought of putting a thread with pearls but it was not very original...

After long reflections on how to obtain an original, colorful and eco-friendly necklace, the solution of the Traphilo thread made its way into my mind and this is how the Aponi necklace was born. The yarn is neither crocheted nor knitted (its primary functions) it is as is, I just added a tie to make it adjustable. the Aponi necklace (cord and colors of the weaving) is therefore infinitely customizable.

But what is the Trapilho?

First of all Trapilho is a Portuguese word which means lira (tartisanal weaving, the warp of which is most often made of cotton or linen and the weft made of thin strips of fabric). 

Trapilho (or Zpagetti) is wide yarn made from fabric scraps (most often cotton) from major textile production.  It is therefore a recycled and eco-friendly yarn which limits waste andthe damage of the textile industry.

You can also make the Trapilho yourself using old T-shirts that you no longer wear (this is why in English it is called yarn t-shirt).

Discover HERE the Aponi necklaces made with Trapilho.