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LounArrow, recycled silver jewelry! 

In 2016, I had the idea of associating my Brazilian bracelets with conchos to make an original piece of jewelry. At the time, I ordered vintage conchos directly from the United States. However, originally intended for horse saddles and now used to accessorize western hats or boots, they are not intended for direct skin contact. They are made with nickel, because nickel has the particularity of not rusting and of lasting over time. This is why it is used in the manufacture of jewelry.

The components of nickel regularly lead to allergic reactions on the skin. For specialists, nickel compounds are liposoluble soluble in fats and can cross the epidermal area through the sweat ducts and then reach the dermis, resulting in the formation of histamine responsible for allergic

During the first lockdown and when I wanted to really embark on this great adventure, I decided to say goodbye to his conchos from the United States and have them made in France. In my commitment to offer you a sustainable and ethical jewelry, I have chosen to use solid recycled silver guaranteed without recycled !

Mining for silver like any mining is not very eco friendly! It requires huge constructions in mines, wells, roads, etc., the use and production of dangerous chemicals mining acid, arsenic, ammonia, etc. which also impacts water resources and the environment. (more information on this document

Fortunately, however, money is a material that can be easily recycled thanks to the recast! This is why I decided to have the conchos made in a foundry that only supplies recycled silver. 

The foundry supplies itself to the SAAMP (Metal refining and preparation company), a French family business based in Lyon. Today the French leader in refining, SAAMP covers all the precious metals trades from treatment to dressing as well as the trading of precious metals.

Since 2019, all of their production has been certified French Origin Guaranteed.

What is a guaranteed French Origin certification?

«The Origine France Garantie certification was created in June 2010 following the publication of the Yves Jégo report on the France Brand. The certification, simple and understandable by all, is the result of a collective process of actors who wish to work together to promote thedu «produce in France» and at the promotion of industrial and artisanal know-how.». French Origin Guaranteed

The Lyon-based company has also received several certifications that prove its commitment to the environment and its social responsibilities.

  • ISO 14001 certification represents "the international environmental standard" par excellence.
  • RJC COC chain of custody: SAAMP is certified N 0173.3. 
  • RJC Responsible Jewelry Council: SAAMP is certified N 1428.8. 

The CoC standard aims to support the responsible sourcing of precious metals in the jewelry supply chain. RJC CoC certified entities are audited to ensure precious metals areresponsibly produced: human rights, labor standards, environmental impact and businessethics.