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The history of the Brazilian bracelet 

The whole story of the LounArrow brand begins with the Brazilian bracelet, that I wanted to decline and sublimate in an original way! 

It was in 2014, when I was living in Argentina, that one of my best friends taught me how to make Brazilian bracelets. Since that day I have not stopped creating it.éer. I love to assemble the colors and add the gold and silver threads which add pep and originality to my bracelets, it is also much more difficult to make Brazilian bracelets with these threads because they fraychent) 

A few years later, I had the idea to pass my Brazilian bracelets through a Native American concho to make an original piece of jewelry!! (here my blog post on the concho. 

As it is an integral part of my brand, I decided to talk in this article about the history of the Brazilian bracelet.. 

The Brazilian bracelet is made of colored and braided cotton threads I use DMC threads because they are very strong. He is from several countries in Latin America but we are talking about a braceletet Brazilianbecause some believe that it is a derivative of the famous Bonfim ribbons that believers received in exchange for their offerings in Salvador, Brazil..

The Brazilian bracelet has aspiritual origin and many virtues are vowed to him. He is first of all a reallucky charm and he would even grant wishes. Who has never heard the legend that says that a person who receives a Brazilian bracelet has to make a wish when tying it on their wrist and when it breaks, due to the wear of the cotton threads, the wish comes true. But this legend is only valid if the bracelet was made by hand! This is why it is called appelé "friendship bracelet"", we braid a bracelet to someone we love to allow them to make one of their dearest wishes come true.

« we only really know friendship with Paul Michaudd

The Brazilian bracelet was exported throughout the world and became popular thanks to travelers who carried the secrets of braiding in their luggage. To make a Brazilian bracelet, ansafety pinis generalused as a support. There are many different models of Brazilian bracelets: single or double, cross or diamond, braids with 3 or 4 threads, etc. For my bracelets I use the XOXO modelthey are crosses and diamonds at the end of a message in English XOXO means kisses and hugs kisses and’).

The colors of Brazilian bracelets are important because they have a meaning, here they are: