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Behind the price of the Dakota Bracelet, I tell you everything!

By creating LounArrow, I wanted to create a jewelry brand transparent about its production origins. As explained on my site my jewels are 100% Made in France
It was also important for me to be transparent on the price of my products. In this blog post I will explain the price of the Dakota bracelet (120€) and where exactly your money goes. 
First of all, LounArrow is self-employed. The prices are therefore without VAT for the consumer and I also pay VAT on all my purchases of raw materials (no VAT collected or deductible). I pay Urssaf on my turnover and not my profit (unfortunately). 
For now, I've decided to work mainly only in short circuit which means I sell exclusively through my website. This allows me to keep prices lower for my client because there is no middleman. It's a bias but unfortunately it doesn't help for the visibility of my brand...
Here's how the price of a Dakota bracelet breaks down
Unsurprisingly the main cost is raw materials. My commitment has always been to work with French companies and to use only noble materials. 
The conchos are made of recycled silver in a foundry in Ardèche and the tips and fasteners are made of custom silver in Marseille. 
Then comes the cost of labor (40€), it's about the time I spend on each bracelet. It takes me an average of 2 hours to weave each bracelet. Then there is the assembly work, the time spent on communication and the administration of the company. My company being young, I do not yet pay myself a salary on this activity. I prefer to reinvest everything <3. 
The operating margin is the profit that I use to invest in my website, photo shoots, advertising marketing, etc. (well when I can). 
Nothing hides behind the price of the Dakota bracelet, it is consistent with my values and my commitments.