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What is Trapilho?

When I imagined the Aponi necklace pendant, I thought for a long time about the cord I was going to use. I didn't want to wear leather so that the jewelry would remain vegan (even if it's a solid material that lasts over time). I thought of putting a thread with pearls but it was not very original... After long reflections on how to obtain an original, colorful and eco-friendly necklace, the solution of the Traphilo thread made its way into my mind and this is how the Aponi necklace was born. The yarn is neither crocheted nor knitted (its primary functions) it is as is, I just added a tie to make it adjustable. the Aponi necklace (cord and...

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Behind the price of the Dakota Bracelet, I tell you everything!

By creating LounArrow, I wanted to create a jewelry brand transparent about its production origins. As explained on my site my jewels are 100% Made in France.  It was also important for me to be transparent on the price of my products. In this blog post I will explain the price of the Dakota bracelet (120€) and where exactly your money goes.  First of all, LounArrow is self-employed. The prices are therefore without VAT for the consumer and I also pay VAT on all my purchases of raw materials (no VAT collected or deductible). I pay Urssaf on my turnover and not my profit (unfortunately).  For now, I've decided to work mainly only in short circuit which means I sell...

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Production of the new MEIKA concho

For the arrival of spring and sunny days, I am releasing a brand new bracelet on my website: MEIKA. The concho is brand new and imagined, drawn by myself.  As explained in an earlier blog post (to see here), the concho is a small loop used initially for horse saddles and then recovered to become a fashion accessory (Navajo belt, boots, hats etc.).  After some research to find a foundry, it was during the summer of 2020 that I called on the foundry to have my silver conchos made. I immediately appreciated their work and their support in making the pieces that best matched what I was looking for. I originally sent the foundry some vintage conchos which they cast...

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LounArrow, recycled silver jewelry! 

Mining for silver like any mining is not very eco friendly! It requires huge constructions in mines, wells, roads, etc., the use and production of dangerous chemicals mining acid, arsenic, ammonia, etc. which also impacts water resources and the environment.ment. (more information on thise document)  Fortunately, however, money is a material that can bepeut easily recycle thanks to the recast! This is why I decided to have the conchos made in a foundry that only supplies recycled silver. 

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The history of the Brazilian bracelet 

The whole story of the LounArrow brand begins with thee Brazilian bracelet, that I wanted to decline and sublimate in an original way!  It was in 2014, when I was living in Argentina, that one of my best friends taught me how to make Brazilian bracelets. Since that day I have not stopped creating it.éer. I love to assemble the colors and add the gold and silver threads which add pep and originality to my bracelets.s. As it is an integral part of my brand, I decided to talk in this article about the history of the Brazilian bracelet!! 

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