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LounArrow, recycled silver jewelry! 

Mining for silver like any mining is not very eco friendly! It requires huge constructions in mines, wells, roads, etc., the use and production of dangerous chemicals mining acid, arsenic, ammonia, etc. which also impacts water resources and the environment.ment. (more information on thise document)  Fortunately, however, money is a material that can bepeut easily recycle thanks to the recast! This is why I decided to have the conchos made in a foundry that only supplies recycled silver. 

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The history of the Brazilian bracelet 

The whole story of the LounArrow brand begins with thee Brazilian bracelet, that I wanted to decline and sublimate in an original way!  It was in 2014, when I was living in Argentina, that one of my best friends taught me how to make Brazilian bracelets. Since that day I have not stopped creating it.éer. I love to assemble the colors and add the gold and silver threads which add pep and originality to my bracelets.s. As it is an integral part of my brand, I decided to talk in this article about the history of the Brazilian bracelet!! 

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The misdeeds of Fast Fashion 

Naturally rebellious, I am touched by many social issues. Environmental issues are increasingly at the top of my list of battles to be fought.  Five years ago, driven by my passion for artistic creation, I started to design my jewelry. Strongly mobilized by my work in a Parisian art gallery, I was forced to restrict my creative impulses to my little free time. It is finally thanks to the confinement that I was able to resume this activity seriously; and since then, I haven't stopped!plus ! In the meantime,my commitment to the environmental cause had grown,, and I made the decision to only use noble materials from local businesses.  On May 11, 2020, the French regain their freedom after confinement....

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How to put on your bracelet by yourself!

For my LounArrow bracelets, I decided to choose the lobster clasp because it guarantees more security . However, I know that it is difficult to put it on alone and that many times we lose our patience! That's why I made this little tutorial video that will allow you to be completely independent.

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What is a Concho?

The signature jewel of the LounArrow brand is a jewel that combines the Brazilian bracelet and the concho. But what is a concho? The conchos come from the Mexican tradition and have a role that is both decorative and functional on horse saddles. Conchos are silver metallic discs made with two slots to allow the saddle ropes to pass through and secure the saddle. Concho belts are a tradition Navajo (North American Indian reserve). The earliest conchos were made from silver dollars that were hammered, then stamped, then split and strung together on a piece of leather. Later in the evolution of concho belts, copper buckles were added to the back of the conchos so that the conchos could be...

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